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Naivasha Virtual Fieldcourse


Welcome to the Lake Naivasha Basin Virtual Fieldcourse!

Have you ever been to Africa?   It doesn't matter, here you can explore the lake Naivasha basin in the Rift Valley in central Kenya. It doesn't if you have been to Naivasha or not, either. Here you can investigate a piece of primary forest; you can admire the lake's biodiversity; you can listen to its people, you can learn about how it is connected to you. Explore our fieldcourse and you are virtually there!

There are two ways of approaching this VFC.  The ‘traditional’ mode is for you to find your own way through the site, by navigating directly through the Main Menu that you can see on the left of this front page. In this way, you will access website contents, chapter by chapter. This is the most straightforward mode if you know what you are looking for.

In the other way, those who do not have a specific interest, is to follow one of the thematic paths. Entering the Path mode (link at the top of the Main Menu), and then select a specific path using a short menu on the right-hand side. Following one of the paths (for example: Ecosystem Services or Livelihoods) takes you across the Lake Naivasha Basin Google map, along a pre-set trail through a number of stops, each holding a brief description and additional resources (text, films and photographs). This will allow you to discover ground-based details referring to specific locations found in the basin.